Poster; From Euston to Clapham Common the transformation is complete, by Richard T Cooper, 1924
Simple name : Poster
Date : 1924
Collection : Posters
Object location : Covent Garden
Reference number : 1983/4/1770
Size : H 1000mm, W 1263mm
Print code : 1423,1000.4.9.24
Reproduced in : Taylor, Sheila (ed), 2001. The Moving Metropolis. Laurence King Publishing in association with London's Transport Museum, Title Page
Publisher : Underground Electric Railway Company Ltd : 1924
Printer : Johnson, Riddle & Company Ltd
Mode : Tube
Descriptive size : Quad royal
Content text : UNDERGROUND The City And South London Railway re-opened 1924 at an extra cost of #3,000,000 The City And South London Railway opened 1890. Its total cost was #3,000,0000. From Euston to Clapham Common The Transformation Is Complete Ref
Additional information : The Underground commissioned this poster in 1924. It was designed by Richard T Cooper to promote the changing face of the network at the time. To the right, a ghostly Edwardian family prepare to board an early Tube train. To the left, the new standard stock has its air-powered doors open to welcome contemporary passengers. These new trains were introduced in 1923 to serve the recently modernised City & South London Railway. This poster specifically advertises that Euston and Clapham Common stations have just reopened after reconstruction work.
Title : From Euston to Clapham Common the transformation is complete
Colour : Yellow,Brown
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Quad royal : Quad royal is the descriptive size for posters that are 40 x 50 inches. It is the standard size used by the Underground for maps and is most commonly used in posters for designs requiring fine detail, such as decorative maps.
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