Vehicle parts

Strap hanger; Cadbury's creme egg sample advertising strap hanger, circa 2000
Strap hanger with a miniature Cadbury Creme Egg as a feature. Designed as part of an advertising campaign to promote Cadbury products. Commercial Development were charged with the task of developing new ways to produce secondary revenue (non ticket sales) to provide additional income for the Underground network. This strap hanger is one of a series including a campaign for Vaseline intensive care roll on de-odorant and Pepsi-Cola. Hangers such as these were mainly used on the Piccadilly line on 1972 tube stock.This campaign was not used.
Simple name : Strap hanger
Date : circa 2000
Collection : Vehicle parts
Object location : Covent Garden
Reference number : 2000/14608
Associated company :
  • PepsiCo
Associated line : Piccadilly line
Manufacturer : Auto Marine (Warks) Ltd : circa 2000
Mode : Tube, Sub-surface railways
Material : Aluminium, Plastic,Stainless steel,Aluminium foil
Colour : Grey,Red,Blue,Pink,Yellow,Silver,Black
Record completeness :
Record 100% complete

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