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Past Events

Late Debate: Race for space

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Download the full programme [1.3MB]

On the evening of 22 November 2018, London Transport Museum was joined by over 200 guests and contributors in debating the future of our expanding city. London’s population is larger than it has ever been and its growth is showing no sign of slowing down. Expected to exceed 10 million by 2036, it will soon join the growing list of global megacities. Visitors enjoyed a range of different talks, activities and workshops, highlighting the race for urban space and the need for housing, nature, culture, and critical infrastructure.

Late Debate: Environment matters

Late Debate: Environment

On the evening of 7 June 2018, London Transport Museum hosted a festival event for over 200 visitors and guest organisations to discuss and explore ways of making London a cleaner, greener, and more liveable city. Guests were able to enjoy an evening of talks, debates, immersive experiences and workshops, as well as networking in our Futures Marketplace and exploring the Museum’s new and iconic galleries after hours.

Read the full programme for the Late Debate: Environment matters [5.7 MB]

Late Debate: Women of the future

Late Debate: Women

On the evening of 8 February 2018, around 330 visitors and guest organisations joined London Transport Museum for a festival event to celebrate and champion women’s contribution to society over the past 100 years and debate the progress we are making towards equality in the 21st century. Guests enjoyed an evening of talks, debates, immersive experiences, comedy and workshops, as well as networking in the Futures Market Place and exploring the Museum’s wonderful collection after hours.

This Late Debate was part of London’s #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign, marking 100 years since the first women in Britain given the right to vote. Driven by the suffragist and suffragette movements, this was a major step towards equal voting rights for all women and men, which was finally achieved in 1928.

Read the full programme for the Late Debate Women of the Future [PDF 1.9 MB]

Late Debate: Technology and the future

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On the evening of 29 November 2017, over 320 visitors and guest organisations joined London Transport Museum for a Late Debate exploring emerging technologies and how they might reshape the way we live, work and travel. They explored what’s on the tech horizon, from driverless cars and delivery drones, to apps, maps and virtual reality, and debated how technology might evolve to better suit our needs or advance faster than our human capabilities.

Read more about the Late Debate: Technology in the full programme [928 KB]

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ShapingLDN is a programme of inspiring events, debate and immersive content about transport, city living and the future of London.

Throughout the year we invite people (18+) from all backgrounds to join us in exploring and debating topical future city themes and the role transport plays in tackling global issues. From emerging technologies, to equality and diversity, population growth and density, to air quality, health and wellbeing.

ShapingLDN is part of London Transport Museum’s programme of Thought Leadership, working alongside Interchange, our Corporate Member Thought Leadership programme, attended senior decision-makers from across the transport industry.

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