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Explore London Transport Museum after hours at our Museum Lates.

Held on Thursdays and Fridays throughout the year, our Late events bring the themes of our latest exhibitions to life.

Get creative with hands on workshops and activities, listen to a talk or join a curator led tour of one of our galleries. From bars and music to debates and interactives, get inspired and find out more about London and the story of its transport past, present and future.

Upcoming Museum Lates

We are excited to announce our new series of Museum Lates in celebration of our upcoming exhibition, Hidden London. Explore untold stories from the past and long forgotten spaces as we uncover the secrets that lie beneath our streets.

Night on the Tiles

Date: 28 February 2020
Time: 18:45-22:00
Tickets: Adults £15, Concessions and Friends £12

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28 February: Night on the Tiles

Party like it’s 1999 and you’re dancing in a disused Underground station. Explore London’s rich nightlife history through the ages, from Victorian music halls and night clubs, to subcultures which have influenced London and the world. Visit our immersive exhibition Hidden London, giving you a taste of what lies beneath the streets, in the secret and abandoned tunnels and stations of London. Glam up and accessorize in our creative workshops and dance to our resident DJ’s London party tunes.

Programme highlights

Join us for talks from experts including:

  • Palaces of Pleasure – Lee Jackson on Victorian nightclubs and mass entertainment
  • Sounds like London – Lloyd Bradley on 100 years of Black British music
  • Museum of Youth Culture – Youth Club on setting up Britain’s first museum of youth culture, based on their photographic collection of nightlife and youth culture from the 1950s to today

And take part in activities:

  • Night bus vs. night tube – Share your best stories with the Museum’s Documentary Curators
  • Party train through the century – create a collaborative digital artwork with artist Nick Murray

2020 Museum Lates

Booking is now open for our series of Hidden London Lates which will run throughout 2020. You can book tickets by clicking the link below, and check back later in the year for more details about each event.

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Get a discount when you book more than 1 Late at once! Get 10% off when you book two, 15% off when you book three, 20% off when you book all four.

This makes an adult ticket £15 for one, £27 for two, ‬£38.25 for three, or £48 for four! Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

  • Night on the Tiles (28 February): party like it's 1999 and you're dancing in a disused station! Explore the rich nightlife of London through the ages.
  • Blackout (22 May): Stations and tunnels served as air-raid shelters in the Second World War. Learn more about these and find out about London Transport at war.
  • Get Lost (18 September): Let's get lost in London's secret tunnels, along overgrown railway tracks and lost rivers. 
  • Subterranea (30 October): Join us for a trip underground... with a Halloween twist! What lies in the dark abandoned tunnels beneath the surface?

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Previous Lates

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Hidden London book

Delve into the history of disused and repurposed London Underground spaces with the new beautifully illustrated hardback book, Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground - now available!

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St Pancras poster: September's Object of the Month


Object of the month

Passengers coming into St Pancras station in the 1980s would be greeted by posters like this encouraging them to travel across the city on Underground lines . It's also the inspiration for our Open Weekend artwork!

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