Temporary displays

Poster Parade: Myths and fairytales

12 January 2018 to 29 March 2018

Arrest the flying movement poster

This display explores themes of mythology, fairytales and the wonders of nature in the Museum’s poster collection. Artists have used their imagination and ancient tales of gods and mythical creatures to create eye-catching posters promoting travel in London.

Enjoy the magic!

Crossrail 2 digital display

Crossrail 2 display

A new digital display exploring the benefits of the proposed Crossrail 2 project is now open at the Museum. The display shows the proposed route and highlights how Crossrail 2 would meet the demands of a growing population, support hundreds of thousands of new jobs and homes and provide thousands of apprenticeships for young people.

 Crossrail 2 would also significantly improve the connectivity of the UK’s rail network with a total of 800 National Rail stations brought within one interchange of the route.

Gallery Display - Future Journey, Future City

futures main

We have to imagine the future before we can build it. Although the success of any one idea cannot be predicted, it is certain that innovation and creative thinking will be needed to transform our future cities. Innovation in technology and information systems, travel modes, architecture and infrastructure will all influence the urban future. Your personal needs and choices as you move through the city will also affect the tempo of change. Whatever direction we take or choices we make, transport will continue as the lifeblood of our future cities, including London - explore, experience and enjoy!